Become an Affiliate of VocalCola

Becoming an affiliate is easy!

  1. Log in to your billing account at
  2. Click Affiliates on the top bar,
  3. Click the green Activate Affiliate Account button.

That's it!

The primary Referral Link is shown on the following page.
The number at the end of the URL is your Affiliate ID.

You don't have to depend on this link to get referrals though!
Put the ?aff=# suffix on any VocalCola address to set the 90-day cookie that denotes you as the affiliate. will take your visitors straight to the New Trial form. will let them read about the service first and still set the cookie.

There is a Referrer field available when users are registering their Trial Account. 
If the cookie is set, the field will auto-populate.
If the user erases this field before submitting the form, the form will still see and use the cookie data.
Tell your customers to make sure your ID is in this box, just in case!

Contact us about getting a custom URL / affiliate code to use instead of the number.
We can link with your affiliate code!

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