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From one page you can search for and order multiple new local OR toll free tracking numbers, and assign them to a Campaign.

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How to create a tracking number and assign it to an office.


You'll need an account on VocalCola that has New Number permissions. 

You can tell whether or not you have this permission by looking for a large New Number button in the top left corner near the logo.



Things to consider while ordering a new number:

  • Be aware that ordering a number is likely to increase the cost of your service.  Toll Free numbers are more costly than Local numbers.
  • Be sure to double check that calls to the new number connect properly to the forwarding numbers you expect them to.
  • Use a short label that clearly explains how the number will be used.


- Visit the New Number page

The New Number page should be accessible from the nav bar as a large green button near the logo.
It can also be found From any Numbers page. In the top left corner below the nav bar, the Your Numbers toolbar will have a green button attachment.
If you can not find this link you may not have proper permissions.


- Select a Campaign.

Choose a Campaign to associate new numbers with.
If this section is left blank, you can still order numbers, but they will be Parked for you.


- Search for New Numbers

Enter rules into this form to narrow down your results.
The form can return up to 5,000 results at a time.  If you hit this limit try being more specific.
If you see a "Nothing found. Try Again?" alert, try broadening your search.
If you need a number in a specific area code but aren't finding any, please open a ticket with us for a number backorder.

Some fields can only be used in combination with other fields.  When you type in one box, you'll see other boxes go gray.
This is just to make it more clear what information the form can use together.
For instance, Area Code and Zip Code aren't needed together.  If Zip Code is disabled and you want to re-enable it, remove the Area Code.

If you check the Toll Free box, everything but Pattern will be hidden.

The Pattern field searches through the entire phone number for the numbers you enter.
Use ? as a wild card.  For instance if you want a number that contains either 515, 525, 535 etc, you can search 5?5.
Pattern can be used to search for letters/words as well. searching the pattern voc will return numbers containing 862.


- Place the Order

Click Buy then Confirm for the number you want.  You'll be forwarded to the Edit Number page, where custom number specific settings can be applied.


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