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Campaigns are used to manage groups of related tracking numbers.  If the group of numbers are changing purpose, it's better to follow this guide than to just rename the campaign.

The call log remembers the campaign and dialed number independent of each other, but the campaign's name isn't saved to the log for every call.  This means if you change the name of a campaign, it's updated throughout the call log history, not just on new calls.  Instead, move the numbers to a new campaign, and archive the old one.


You'll need an account on VocalCola that has New Number permissions.

You can tell whether or not you have this permission by looking for a large New Number button in the top left corner near the logo.


Things to consider when archiving a Campaign:

  • If a Client has no active campaigns, it may not show up at all in some places.
  • Archived campaigns can always be restored from their main Details page.
  • Campaigns and Clients will still appear on their main indexes, and in search results.


- Remove all numbers from the Campaign.

The Archive button will not appear until all numbers have been removed either by parking them, or moving them to another campaign.

- Click "Archive This Campaign"

A large black Archive This Campaign button will fill the Tracking Numbers card.
Click it, and after confirmation you will be forwarded to the associated Client's details page.

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