Removing a Tracking Number from your Plan

If you no longer want a specific tracking number, follow this guide to remove it from your Plan.


You'll need an account on VocalCola that has New Number permissions.

You can tell whether or not you have this permission by looking for a large New Number button in the top left corner near the logo.



Things to consider when removing a number:

  • Once a number is removed from your Plan, VocalCola will still have the number for some time, but it will be available for other users to apply to their own account!
  • Always double check you are removing the correct number.  We can not guarantee recovery of a number, especially if another user has started using it.


- Remove the number from its Campaign.

Edit the number you want to remove and change the Campaign field to [Park].
Save changes.  You'll get a confirmation note, and will be forwarded back to the Details view for the number.

- Remove from Plan

A large yellow Remove from Plan button will appear.
Click it, and the number will no longer be your responsibility.
You may see it again in call logs, or listed in the "Quick Numbers" list for some time. (Numbers available to anyone on the site to add to their plan)

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