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For details on making Authenticated Requests to the API, see the support document Authentication Credentials.


All API responses are in JSON, and will include a UTC timestamp.

If you include a state parameter with your request, it will be returned in the response as well. 
Use this to confirm the response is related to the correct request.

List Formatting

Expect Index Results to be returned in this format:

    'results': [
            /* More Details */
    'resultSet': {
        'count': 1,
        'limit': 20
    'state': '[GIVEN-STATE]',
    'stamp': '[UTC-TIMESTAMP]'

count, offset, and limit are all parameters that can be used to navigate through results.

Dynamic Filtering

When requesting lists of information, you can combine endpoints to narrow your results.

Making a GET request to /numbers/ will return a list of all you currently have access to.
GET requests to /clients/[CLIENT-ID]/numbers/ or /clients/[CLIENT-ID]/campaigns/[CAMPAIGN-ID]/numbers/ will return only numbers related to the included keys.










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